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As you may have learnt by now, the food you consume plays an important part in determining the gender of your baby. How to plan for a baby girl shares tips on the types of food to add or remove from your diet during this period.

Why Foods Affect Your Conceiving A Girl:

Basically the foods you eat affect the acidity level pH in your vaginal area. Increasing the pH level will cause the boy sperms to be greatly compromised in the acidic environment while allowing the girl sperm a better chance of fertilizing the egg.  Therefore you will need to eat a diet high in acidic foods and very low alkaline foods.

cranberries increase acidity in the body

plan baby girl - cranberries

Some examples of acidic foods are: Examples of highly acidic foods are fruits such as plums, prunes, cranberries as well as meats, fish, and whole grains. If you find this difficult to maintain, just keep thinking about your daughter and know that it will be worth it.

Foods you should avoid: almost all vegetables except corn, orange juice,  potatoes, spinach, and watermelon.

Also you should consume more  calcium and magnesium foods while avoiding potassium in foods when you are trying to conceive a baby girl: You should load up your diet with foods that are high in calcium and magnesium while you avoid foods that are high in potassium ( such as bananas, etc.) Also avoid alcohol and caffeine irrespective of whether you are going for a boy or girl.  So in the end, milk, cheese, yogurt beans, legumes, leafy green foods would be your choice foods when you are planning to conceive a baby girl.

Besides the food to eat, douching can immensely help in keeping the acidity levels up. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, do understand that t you’ll only be doing it for a short period of time and it makes the process happen much more quickly.

I hope the above helps you out on how to plan for a baby girl and I wish you the best always!

Drop me a note or comment if you have other tips to share.

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