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Today’s post is on how acidity level in the woman’s body can affect the outcome on how to plan for a baby girl. I have shared some overall information on how food can help in your planning to conceive a baby girl.

Let’s do a recap: the boy sperm cannot survive for very long in your vaginal and reproductive tract if it is highly acidic while girl sperm does not have any problem with this condition. So, it stands to reason that if you want a baby girl, you would definitely want to get your acidity and PH levels as high as you can. The first way you can do this is through adjusting your diet to accommodate more acidic food items.  To improve your chances to conceive a baby girl, you want to steer clear of the alkaline foods because they will lower your PH and this is not going to help in your objective of getting a baby girl. You should avoid foods that are low in pH value like most fruits and vegetables as well as most nuts, especially almonds.

Instead you should load up on foods like most meats, dairy, and select fruits and vegetables like corn and blueberries, which all have a higher pH values. You only need to do this until your reach your optimal level. The other way to make your body more acidic is through douching. You can use PH testing strips to see how and where you fall naturally. Just test as directed (you can get these at your local pharmacies) and then make the appropriate adjustments in your diet and / or by your douching regimen.

It is advised to combine both of the above methods in order to get faster results. Visit us more often here on How to plan for a baby girl for more tips soon.

Below are some samples of acidic foods for your review that are helpful when planning to conceive a baby girl:

Corn, Lentils, Olives, Blueberries, Canned or Glazed Fruits, Cranberries, Barley, Bran, Corn, Cornstarch

More tips and information are available here in this highly recommended guide.


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