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Hi my name is Julie and I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children and these are the tips I have learned and personally applied and achieved success when planning for my 2nd baby girl. If you have been dreaming of conceiving a baby girl or want to give your other children a baby sister, there are some steps for you to take that can greatly increase your odds for a baby girl.

There are steps you can take if you would like to know how to choose baby gender and tips you can learn and apply on to achieve your dream.  When deciding to try for either a girl or a boy, do study the identified methods and apply all of them instead of just choosing one step as this will enhance and provide higher probability for your next baby. It must be noted that there is no guaranteed way of influencing the sex of your child but by utilizing a combination of methods which have been tried and tested can exert some level of influence in determining your baby’s gender.

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The basic fact to understand is that the determination of baby’s gender is dependent on which of the X and Y chromosomes from your partner’s sperm that fertilizes your egg. Just to refresh, the male’s sperm is made up of either two  chromosomes types which are the  X and Y chromosomes.  Generally they are split equally but both types have different characteristics that are important to remember especially when planning for a particular baby’s gender.  The male sperm (Y) are really fast swimmers but do not have much stamina and have a shorter life span.  The female sperm (X) on the other hand,  are typically slower swimmers but have a longer life span compared to their male counterparts.

This knowledge can be made use to your advantage when deciding on how to plan for a girl baby.  Your goal should be to utilize the boy’s sperm weaknesses and in turn help the X sperm emerge as the victor and you will then be closer on the way to  say hello to your little girl. :)


You should aim to have intercourse with your partner on the lead up to ovulation, but avoiding the day before and the day itself. This means that the more robust, yet slower female sperm can have a leisurely journey to the egg, during which time the male sperm are more likely to have perished. This step is important to consider and therefore you will need to carefully monitor your ovulation period in order to be able to ascertain the correct days for intercourse. You should be able to obtain ovulation calculators at your local pharmacy.

Level of Acidity

The female sperm carrying the X chromosomes are able to survive the generally acidic environment in the vagina much better than male sperm (Y chromosomes)  so keep the environment within the healthy acidic level by using special douches. You should also increase acidity by adjusting your diet to include eating foods such as eggs, fish, lean meats and blueberries.

Intercourse Positions

We are back to the fact that the male sperm lasts for a shorter distance and life span before it dies off whereas the female sperm has the stamina and endurance to last longer and therefore swim a further distance. With this in mind, you and your partner can test out different positions during intercourse that satisfies the above requirements.

With the information provided above, it should basically allow you to put together a strategy on how to conceive a baby girl. Armed with the details on the 3 main steps, you and your partner can start to chart out the preferred dates, positions and foods to eat in advance and which should bring you closer to achieving your dream on conceiving a baby girl.

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